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Howdy, I'm Tony Toews, a mildly eccentric, computer alpha geek. I've been around in the computer business long enough that I've worked with punch cards. (Mom had shopping list paper for at least a decade once she tore off the ends with the holes.)  But at least I avoided paper tape. (Alpha geek?  Think alpha animals in packs. )

Sinkhole near Norman Wells, NWT

Obituary for my dad - Harry Wiebe (HW) Toews

Canam Realty Group of Phoenix AZ are despicable spammers

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MVP Logo Microsoft has presented me with the Most Valued Professional (MVP) award from 1999 to 2014 due to my assistance to the  Microsoft Access community. For the MVPs web site click here. There are about  forty or fifty MVPs in the world specializing in MS Access.


Simona Tibu and social media

How a friends computer got hacked and hijacked   (New 2003-10-13)

I got started programming computers in a rather unusual way.   I have no degree or technical school certificate.  And I have a total of five days of training throughout my working life.   However this approach is not recommended for most people.Smiley graphci

Motto - Jack of a few computer related trades and master (and certified) of none. (I've received emails from a few upset, pompous PhD's. <snicker>)

Title - Alpha Geek  (

Favourite Saying - Some computers are like some criminals. They can only be reformed with a shotgun.
Programmer: device for turning caffeine into code.

I've done a lot of work with Microsoft Access and have created some Microsoft Access Tips and Hints Page. I'm a self employed computer programmer and systems analyst. I call myself Granite Consulting. My first paying job started me programming the IBM 5110 computer.  It had 2 8" floppy drives, a 120 cps printer, a 16x64 character monitor, 32 kb RAM and Basic and sold for $25,000 CAD.ross each other in Fidonet and various Usenet newsgroups and exchanged email before meeting again in person after fifteen years.

You can email me at tony@granite.ab.ca

Phone 206 792 9794

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