Obituary of Harry Wiebe Toews - 1934 - 2012

Son of Martin C and Elizabeth Wiebe.  Wife Irene of Vermilion, Alberta.  Children: Tony, Andy, Kim Taylor and Laurie Farook.   Grandchildren are Nikole, Lou and Ike.  Siblings are Frances (Abe) Unger, Don, Anne Fullerton, Alice, Alvin (Marlene), Norma, Josie and Janet. 

Harry grew up in Greenland, Manitoba  He managed and owned drywall and painting companies in Thompson, Manitoba, Kamloops, B.C., Ft. McMurray, Bonnyville and Vermilion all of Alberta.

The memorial will be in the afternoon on Sunday September 2nd, 2012 at the Vermilion Provincial Park.   Exact time will be decided soon.  The memorial will be at the group campsite but will be moved to the CN station if weather is bad.

Vermilion Provincial Park and Vermilion, Alberta information