Canam Realty Group of Phoenix AZ are spammers

I have been receiving unsolicited emails from Canam Realty Group of Phoenix AZ since at least 2012-07-31.   I can assure you that I have never dealt with them in any way and will never be purchasing any property in the USA.  

Those emails have been coming to emails address on two of my domains.  One email address is quite well known and I receive dozens of spams on that account daily.  The other email account on a different domain is quite obscure and is hidden by some Java.  I have never received any spams, other than Canam's on that email account.

These emails have been sent via mailing lists managed by Eliteemail.   Their Facebook page is here.

From a sampling of the emails I've received some names of agents mentioned are Rick Metcalfe and Scott Metcalfe, Jack Zurn

Here is a partial list of emails.  As of 2014-03-22 I have received and retained 166 spams from CanAm Realty Group.  Note that I've received many other spams from them however I deleted them back then.

Click on the graphics below to see the full sized image

Canam Realty Group list of spams.Canam Realty Group spam view  

Now at the bottom of their emails they do have a link stating One-Click Unsubcribe.  Once they discover this page they will likely whine about how all I had to do was click that link.  Tough.  I never asked to be spammed in the first place.